T W Freeman Consultants, LLC
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T. W. Freeman Consultants offers a wide range of Roof Consulting Services including:

Roof Survey and Condition Assessment: Core analysis, moisture probes, visual inspection of membrane and flashing, deck inspection, roof plan drawings, drainage assessments, detailed written reports, with conclusions and recommendations.​
Understand the condition of your roof(s) and develop a plan for maintenance and/or replacement

Roof Design: Specification and design preparation, contract documents, bid package, details and drawings.
Our detailed specifications and installation monitoring help to ensure you get what you pay for

Bid Coordination:  Pre-bid conference, bidding process management

Construction Monitoring/Support:  Pre-construction conference, manufacturer coordination, quality assurance observation,   final inspection, punch list preparation, warranty coordination and payment application approval

Legal Assistance: Expert witness, depositions, mediation

About T W Freeman  
T. W. Freeman has been a registered roof consultant since 1990 with extensive experience in industrial projects.  
He has served as the National Roofing Warranty Manager for the Dow Chemical Company since 1992.

T is recognized as the Wind Design Expert for the Dow Chemical Company, T. Clear Corporation and American Hydrotech.

He is the holder of two commercial roofing patents and developed "Tectum III" and "The Optimum Design Roofing System".

He is a regular presenter at a variety of roofing conferences and has had articles published in a number of roofing industry publications.